What is a Key Pair?

By Stanislav Godomskyi

updated 2 months ago

A Key Pair is a secret that you may use to authenticate your calls to the Cloud Wallet API.

It has an ID and a name, and it consists of two keys:

  • An Access Key is a GWT-style token that grants your code unrestricted access to the project for which it was created. Use it to authenticate your backend applications.

  • A Signature Key is a secret that you can use to sign Customer Keys.

A Customer Key is created by your code. It grants read-only access to wallets of a specific customer. You can deliver these keys to a customer's device so they can check their balances and browse through their wallet histories without the need to contact your backend.

A Customer Key can be created by parsing an Access Key as GWT, then adding an audience (aud) record and resigning the resulting token with your Signature Key.

Deleting a Key Pair will result in recalling the access for every caller which uses either an Access Key or a Customer Key that was signed with a Signature Key.

Warning: keep both Access and Signature keys secret.

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